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Sinar - Mini Reed Diffuser

Rp 198.000
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Fragrance Notes :

1. Flowers Sweet, classic, and feminine floral scent that represents romance.

2. Fruits Fresh fruity aroma to give a fresh and soothing impression.

3. Sweet Sweet, elegant and graceful aroma to give a sexy and sensual impression.

4. Citrus / Orange Fresh and strong aroma.

5. Berries Sweet scent with a fresh touch to create warm, intimate yet refreshing mood.

6. Apple Fresh and sweet aroma to relax nerves and relieve headaches.

7. Melon Sweet and elegant aroma. The resulting mood effect from the aroma of melon reduces stress and improves sleep quality.

8. White A soft scent like powder to give a fresh after-shower sensation.

9. Floral Bouquet / Garlands Sweet and delicate aroma that can increase concentration.

Great for : Living Room

About the Brands
Kemayu brings the beauty of Indonesian fragrances to your room. Kemayu blends elements of Indonesia's flora, scents and beauty from bamboo and sola flowers to decorate the room. All kemayu products emphasize beautiful bespoke fragrance of Indonesian scented oil. An effortless way to amplify scents from the Indonesian flora, fruits, spices and herbs.