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Ringer Drip and Shot Bundle

Rp 1.118.000 Rp 1.148.000
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Ringer Drip + Shot = Best Combination Ever!

Shop 1 Ringer Drip and 1 Shot of your choice (+ EXTRA FREEBIES!) with the best deal this November only.

Ringer Drip and Shot Bundle includes :

*You can ONLY pick ONE Ringer Drip and Shot.

  • Eco Your Skin - Ringer Drip Series of your choice :

  1. Layering Essence Lifting Ringer Drip

  2. Layering Essence Moisturizing Ringer Drip

  3. Layering Essence Oily Ringer Drip

  • Eco Your Skin - Shot Series of your choice :

  1. Booster Serum Vitamin E Shot

  2. Booster Serum Vitamin B5 Shot

  3. Booster Serum Vitamin A Shot

  4. Booster Serum Collagen Shot

How to Use

1. Tear The Ringer Drip packaging
2. Pour it onto the bottle
3. Add The Shot
4. Mix it well
5. Spray onto hands then tap gently to the skin
6. Use it as the essence/toner step in your skincare routine
7. Follow with the rest of your skincare routine

About the Brands

Anti-aging Skincare made by aestheticians with 29 years of experience in Spa & Pharmacy skincare in Korea. Starting their journey as a spa clinic in New York in 1993, they have acquired more than 100,000 since expanding in Korea. Every product features a breakthrough formulation honed by decades of expertise to deliver an exceptional experience.

Eco Your Skin proves its efficacy by producing personalized skincare for each customer, with high-powered ingredients & innovative formulations.