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[BEST DEALS] Poreless Skin 101

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Bundles Contains :
- Hey, glow - Anti Aging Pore Tightening Dermapen
- Eco Your Skin - Bedside Serum

Anti Aging Pore Tightening Dermapen

Precaution: do not use near the eyes and the middle of your neck (adam's apple). You can use on the acne prone or active acne areas but not too long. This may cause irritation if it's left too long.

Needle-free pore-tightening dermapen is a needle-free device that acts like a microneedle, without the pain! This needle free microneedle will gently "stab'' the skin, stimulate collagen production and increase cell turnover. In results, the skin will look more poreless (tightening of the pores), reduce wrinkles and heal faster (blemishes, acnes or scarring). This dermapen will also help in smoothen the skin texture, suitable for people struggling with rough skin texture. On top of that, this tools is also will increase the skincare absorption resulting in a healthier and improved skin condition. High voltage electricity is irradiated to the skin to create the "microneedle stab" for increasing the skin absorption rate and cell turnover.

You will get: 1device, 1cabel, 1instruction manual

warranty 6M

Bedside Serum

An amazing change during your sleep.
12% of peeling complex will gently remove dead skin cells, and Greenol, which is the skin.
recovering patented ingredient, will rejuvenate skin barrier overnight.

A night care serum that will decrease the rate of skin aging.
Melatonin and lavender aroma will help with skin rest and will most effectively deliver skin turn over.


- 12% AHA / BHA / PHA : After a long study, we have discovered a technology with 12% of peeling complex that will sever links between dead skin cells.

- Patented ingredient Greenol : A herb complex that is excellent at calming down skin inflammation and irritation. It has no toxicity towards keratinocyte, and has full of antioxidants.

- Melatonin : A potent ingredient that is helpful for taking care of the skin sleep cycle. It prevents fine lines and skin aging, and provides brightening effect by absorbing melanin.

- Cica(Centella Asiatica Extract) : Instantly recovers and soothes damaged skin.

-Glutamic acid (Polyglutamic Acid) : A Natural moisturizer that is extracted and fermented from fermented food. It will moisturize the skin and keep the moisture loss from the skin at the same time. polyglutamic acid in small form of molecules is much more potent in moisturising than that of hyaluronic acid.


All skin type

How to Use

Anti Aging Pore Tightening Dermapen

Charge 3 hours for the first time. Use it maximum of 5mins per day. Use it up to 3x a week.

STEP 1 - Use the dermapen on completely dried face after washing
STEP 2 - Press the Power button to turn it on (hold for 3s to turn on)
STEP 3 - Choose the level using the level button by pressing quickly (please start with level 1)
STEP 4 - 3 methods to use the dermapen. Choose the method that works best! (Tapping, Sweeping, Brushing please refer to the picture)
※ Don’t place the dermapen directly on your face for too long. Keep it slightly away 1-2mm. It is okay for the device to touch your skin in between motions
STEP 5 - After using the Dermapen, finish off with your skincare routine

If you have the anti aging facial treatment device, your routine should be las followed:
1. on a clean dry face use the Dermapen for 5 mins,
2. Followed by your toner and serum
3. Use the anti aging device on your serum and cream
4. Don't forget to put SPF in the morning and reapply them.

Bedside Serum
How to use :
After washing the face at night, use a dropper to get a right amount and put it on the face. Use a cream after if needed. Wash it off with a lukewarm water the next day

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