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Facefit Protein Serum 50ml

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Protein Serum for Facial Muscles Treatment - Rapid Results for Moisturized and Firmer Skin.
FaceFit protein serum is designed to fortify your facial muscles post-workout. FaceFit Serum contains Peptides, Milk, and Soy Protein, promoting stronger facial muscles and improved skin elasticity. Infused with Fermented Split Gill Mushroom, CICA, and collagen, it effectively reduces wrinkles and provides lasting hydration.

Perfect for daily application:
* Peptides stimulate collagen production, ensuring tightened and resilient skin.
* Milk Protein retains skin moisture while minimizing dark spots.
* Soy Protein, a nutrient-rich source, offers moisture and antioxidant benefits.
* Fermented Split Gill Mushroom combats hyper-pigmentation and delivers anti-wrinkle benefits.
* Cica enhances blood circulation and collagen synthesis, resulting in smoother skin with reduced fine lines.
* Collagen maintains skin's elasticity, volume, and moisture balance.

Achieve youthful, radiant skin while enhancing your facial muscles with FaceFit Serum. It's your ideal companion for daily skincare routines.

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Anti-aging Skincare made by aestheticians with 29 years of experience in Spa & Pharmacy skincare in Korea. Starting their journey as a spa clinic in New York in 1993, they have acquired more than 100,000 since expanding in Korea. Every product features a breakthrough formulation honed by decades of expertise to deliver an exceptional experience.

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