Deepcare O2 Hydro-Facial Pore Refiner With Onsen Water Mist – Heyglow Indonesia
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Deepcare O2 Hydro-Facial Pore Refiner With Onsen Water Mist

Rp 2.520.000
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WARNING: Move extraction nozzle continuously across the skin. Do not hold the device in one place as bruising may occur.

Begin on level 1 and increase the strength as appropriate, depending on the skin's resistance.
Please be advised that this is a device for congested skin and for blackhead removal.
It is important to follow the instructions and the step by step video on our website to avoid bruising.

Recommended usage: Do not use more than once per week

How to Use

Remove cleaning cap from the suction head.
Attach desired Treatment Tip onto the tool. Choose ROUND for use on cheeks & forehead, and OVAL for use on the nose bridge and nasal groove.
Remove Treatment Chamber (transparent). Pour Pure Serum Mist into the half labelled Treatment up to fill line. Fill remainder with water to dilute the concentrate.
To start treatment, hold down the Power/Mode Button for 1.5 secs to turn on the device. Short press the power button to switch modes.

The device is automatically pre-set to go through the full 4-step treatment cycle:
Warm (3 Min) + Vacuum (3 Min) + Purify (3 Min) + Ice (3 Min)
The device will automatically move to the next modes when the current one has completed. You can also press "power button" to choose your most appropriate mode.
Press the Suction Level Button to adjust strength and intensity. The first is the most gentle, and the third is the strongest. Please adjust the suction according to your needs.
Holding skin taut, keep the device upright and glide along damp skin using light sliding motions until Treatment Chamber is empty.
Angle Tilt Warning: The device will pause its function and make a warning sound if it is tilted at an angle of more than 40°.

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