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Clean Hair Brush (Sikat) / Scalp Brush

Rp 150.000
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Experience the ultimate scalp cleansing solution that effortlessly removes sebum and waste, leaving your scalp refreshed and revitalized. This brush can also helps stimulate blood circulation for a healthier scalp.

Dr Scalp Clean Brush membantu anda membersihkan sebum / minyak di kepala dan kotoran pada kulit kepala anda tanpa menimbulkan iritasi. Membantu memperlancar peredaran darah.

How to Use

1. Use Dr. Scalp Active Shampoo for optimal results.
2. Gently brush your scalp using the Dr. Scalp Clean Brush until it feels clean for approximately 3 minutes.
3. Rinse thoroughly until clean.

1. Gunakan Dr. Scalp Active Shampoo untuk hasil lebih maksimal.
2. Sikat kulit kepala anda secara perlahan menggunakan Dr. Scalp Clean Brush hingga terasa bersih selama kurang lebih 3 menit.
3. Bilas hingga bersih.

About the Brands

Dr Scalp is Korean No.1 global brand for hair loss and scalp care.

Experience the best selling scalp care from shampoo to serum for hair loss and promoting hair growth right at your own home.

Their scientific backed products as well as the leading in research makes them highly recognized in the industry.