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Travelling Esscentials Bundle

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Your travelling essentials in one bundle! RESET Wake Up Mist to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized, and Anytime Power Mist and Decency Spray to keep you safe and sanitized!

Anytime Power Mist 60ml

Cairan sterilisasi yang bisa digunakan untuk men-sterilkan tangan anda dengan total kandungan Alkohol yang dapat membunuh 99,9% virus dan bakteri; di buat menggunakan 100% bahan alami tanpa campuran bahan-bahan kimia berbahaya.

Decency Spray 60ml

Aromatherapy-scented toilet air freshner, sanitizer & deodorizer

Cairan aromatherapy yang dapat di semprotkan di kamar mandi dan toilet seat (kloset) yang dapat membuat pengalaman menggunakan toilet anda menjadi lebih nyaman & tenang. Segera rasakan kesegaran dan harum semerbak yang menemani anda di kamar mandi, sehingga membuat mood lebih baik. Mengandung minyak essential murni Peppermint yang terbukti dapat membuat ruangan lebih refreshing sehingga waktu-mu di kamar mandi menjadi lebih menyenangkan. Juga terdapat Ylang-ylang yang dapat membuat mood menjadi lebih positif. Mengandung food-grade alcohol yang dapat membasmi kuman & bakteri di dudukan toilet (kloset). Tidak perlu malu lagi dengan wangi tidak sedap jika harus menggunakan toilet untuk aktivitas BAB-mu, karena Decency Spray sudah tersedia untuk anda. 100% menggunakan bahan alami tanpa campuran bahan kimia yang berbahaya untuk dihirup.

Reset Wake Up Mist

We often wonder “what if there were a refreshing face mist that can freshen our skin, face & mood in 1 go?” That is what inspired us to create RESET wake up mist in the first place. We also wanted to make sure our wake up mist is loaded with formulas that can help make our skin glow through the hydrating agents contained in our product. Our wake up mists will not make your skin fills tight or stiff, definitely not drying as it is highly hydrating, will also make your skin feels moist & dewy, can help prevent maskne (acne caused by wearing masks), won’t make your skin sticky after using the mist, doubles as make up base & make up setter to make your make up lasts longer, has a cooling sensation that can refresh your mood or help you RESET your day when you are not feeling your best!

Smells so good, you will thank us for this refreshing face mist! Spray them before, during or after your daily activities, RESET wake up Mist will be your new best friend. The refreshing face mist you never knew you needed & the only one you’ll ever need! Glowing, dewy & good-smelling face will be yours. Use our wake up mist as a refreshing face mist, make up base, mix it with your foundation, make up setting spray, your all-day skin rejuvenating needs, use it as you like; you do you! Say goodbye to maskne, dull, tired looking faces & even a bad mood as RESET Face Mist is here to save & help you RESET!

TIDAK menggunakan aroma ataupun wangian buatan.

Aman untuk anak kecil & hewan peliharaan.


- Minyak esensial tingkat terapi murni 100%.
- Alkohol food-grade.
- Pure grain alcohol (PGA)

About the Brands
Esscentials is inspired by two sisters' love for all-natural products that are safe and harmless to be used even around children and furry friends. Our products use only all-natural and premium ingredients. Sanitizing is no longer a dull moment with ESSCENTIALS. They make aromatic luxurious scented daily sanitizing products that makes your skin worry-free. From a moisurizing power hand gel to a scented patch for your daily masks, Esscentials works to uplift the mood while doing your daily disinfecting job.