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Concentrate Botanic Biome Cream 45ml

Rp 500.000
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Vegan certified probiotic based cream to tackle ageing signs such as wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. This white rich creams glides smoothly on the skin with slightly sticky feeling which instantly disappears once it massaged on to the skin. The cream is packed with anti ageing ingredients such as peptides and collagen for firmness, high dose of antioxidants such as cherry extracts and astaxanthine for protecting the skin against external aggressors.


PAO : 6 Month

EXP : 31 Maret 2025
How to Use

After cleansing, toning and putting on serum, take an appropiate amount and massage it on to the skin until fully absorbed.

About the Brands
Born with the mind of good skin health and love for the earth, OHAVE is a high performing vegan beauty skincare brand from Korea. They focus on the essentials skincare without compromising on the ingredients used. Ohave continuously carries out in-depth research on the balance of vegan beauty and plant derived ingredients used to provide a healthy and sustainable beauty culture.