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Bundle of 2 Hyaluronic Lip Dews

Rp 198.000
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Bundle of 2 Hyaluronic Lip Dews

Contains :

Hyaluronic Lip Dews Spirited

Hyaluronic Lip Dews Mood

Introducing our highly anticipated Hyaluronic Lip Dews, which give a mega boost of moisture and hydration, with a pop of colour.
The Hyaluronic Lip Dews has all the favourite ingredients we love, coconut oil, cocoa butter and vitamin E, with the addition of our star ingredient Hyaluronic Acid for a boost of hydration.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) can be found naturally in our skin, holding water and helping it stay hydrated and plump. It is able to hold a thousand times its weight in water, retaining and also preventing moisture from evaporating into the air.

Hyaluronic Lip Dews are the perfect combination of moisture and colour to keep your lips hydrated and dewy all day long.

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Handmade Heroes is all natural, vegan skin and body care made with botanical oils and extracts. Cruelty free, paraben free and alcohol free. Skincare made the way all skincare should be made.