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Best Moisturizing Kit

Rp 1.299.000 Rp 2.246.000
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Inside this bundle:

- Eco Your Skin Blue Pouch
- Moisture Capture Recovery Smoothie
- Layering Essence Moisturizing Ringer Drip
- Booster Serum Vitamin B5 Shot

Moisture Capture Recovery Smoothie

Everyday nutrient cream that is smooth like a smoothie. Effective Anti-aging everyday cream that is like a smoothie and will smoothly melt when applied to your skin. Used for wrinkles that develop due to dry skin and/or a decline in elasticity. Anti-oxidation effect. Rise in layer of fat under the skin, prevention of the skin aging process, contain highly concentrated nutrients for epithelium cell growth.

Size: 50ml

SKIN TYPE: Aging skin, dry skin

NO. BPOM: NA26210100653


Layering Essence Moisturizing Ringer Drip

This Layering Essence is like a liquid supplement for skin. This moisturizing blend includes betaine, a sugarcane extract that is rich in natural amino acids. It helps control the oil-water balance so skin is in perfect equilibrium. Consisting of nano particles, this liquid is easily and deeply absorbed into the skin for instant hydration and reviving skin from the aging process. Comes with empty bottle to save the rest of the goodness for later.

Size: 120ml

SKIN TYPE: Dry and dehydrated skin

NO. BPOM: NA26211200897


Booster Serum Vitamin B5 Shot

This highly-concentrated booster-serum is like a vitamin pack for skin. Like a burst of energy for the skin, Vitamin B5 is known to bring moisture from within cells onto the skin surface for a well hydrated complexion. Also known as anti-stress vitamin, (B vitamins are often used as a "hangover cure'), this potent booster helps relieve fatigue and dullness caused by environmental aggressors.

Size: 3ml

Ageing skin, dry, dull skin

NO. BPOM: NA26210100568
About the Brands

Anti-aging Skincare made by aestheticians with 29 years of experience in Spa & Pharmacy skincare in Korea. Starting their journey as a spa clinic in New York in 1993, they have acquired more than 100,000 since expanding in Korea. Every product features a breakthrough formulation honed by decades of expertise to deliver an exceptional experience.

Eco Your Skin proves its efficacy by producing personalized skincare for each customer, with high-powered ingredients & innovative formulations.