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Best for Oily Set

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Inside this bundle:

- Eco Your Skin Blue Pouch
- Phytoncide Water
- Calming Slush
- Layering Essence Oily Ringer Drip
- Booster Serum Vitamin A Shot

Phytoncide Water

Phytoncide Water merupakan cleansing & purifying toner yang ideal untuk kulit berminyak hingga acne prone. Efektif untuk mengangkat sel kulit mati, mengontrol produksi sebum sekaligus menjaga hidrasi kulit.

Professional toner ini diformulasikan dengan Sea Glue Complex, yang merupakan 4 marine botanical ingredients* secara intensif membersihkan kulit, dipadu dengan Chlorella Vulgaris yang efektif untuk mempercepat healing process kulit ketika sedang merah-merah setelah berjerawat & Rosemary Leaf Extract untuk menyegarkan, mengembalikan elastisitas & memperbaiki tekstur kulit.

*Bladderwrack, Shiitake, Kelp & Algae Extract

Available Size: 320ML


Calming Slush

Cooling gel cream that calms and soothes troubled skin and also has the effect to improve the skin. Cooling gel type cream for troubled or for oily skin with excessive sebum spread throughout, and skin blemishes. Effective cream that contains anti-inflammatory ingredients to heal and improve troubled skin. Will see an expedited improvement or calming effect if applied directly to the area with the blemish or the extracted area.

Size: 50ml

SKIN TYPE: Oily skin, blemish prone


Layering Essence Oily Ringer Drip

This Layering Essence is like a liquid supplement for skin. This version boosts deeper levels of hydration while normalizing the oil-water balance so skin is in an ideal state. A blend of antioxidants helps strengthen the skin barrier and increases elasticity. Comes with empty bottle to save the rest of the goodness for later.

Size: 120ml



Booster Serum Vitamin A Shot

This highly-concentrated booster-serum is like a vitamin pack for skin. Vitamin A is rich in retinol which helps combine collagen and elastin to reduce
About the Brands

Anti-aging Skincare made by aestheticians with 29 years of experience in Spa & Pharmacy skincare in Korea. Starting their journey as a spa clinic in New York in 1993, they have acquired more than 100,000 since expanding in Korea. Every product features a breakthrough formulation honed by decades of expertise to deliver an exceptional experience.

Eco Your Skin proves its efficacy by producing personalized skincare for each customer, with high-powered ingredients & innovative formulations.